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Global E-commerce Experts (GEE) successfully expand e-commerce brands globally

and have 3PL facilities in the UK and Europe

E-commerce 3PL Services in UK & EU


Pallet, carton and SKU unit storage in racking, shelving or Totes in our 150k sq ft of warehosue space and 15k pallet bays in the UK and Netherlands.

B2C Fulfilment

Sending your products direct to the consumer across the whole of Europe either from your website or marketplace within days.

B2B Fulfilment

Whether you are sending your products at carton or unit level, we can ship your products to Amazon FBA or direct to your business customers.

Having a 3PL that can manage yorur returns, grade them and action accordingly is critical to the success in e-commerce.

Re works

Whether you require relabelling, new cartons, adding items or kitting/bundling, we can solve this for you across all our facilities.

FBA Prep

With over a decade of experience we can prepare your goods prior to arriving into FBA is key to the success of working with Amazon.

Our software has over 200 Integrations, including…

99.9% Accurate
Specialist E-commerce 3PL Software
UK based Customer Service Team

99.9% Pick Accuracy

E-commerce Software

UK Customer Services

European 3PL Services

GEE Fulfilment

GEE 3PL provides warehouse and fulfilment in the UK and EU for e-commerce sellers.

Our own software enables you to have direct access through our portal to see your stock, orders and see key data in our warehouses.

Specialist e-commerce 3PL, based in the UK and Netherlands to support the distribution of your products throughout Europe.

GEE Fulfilment in partnership with Global E-commerce Experts and Expandly can solve all your e-commerce requirements in;

  • Logistics
  • Compliance
  • Marketplace Distribution

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E-commerce Fulfilment

GEE Fulfilment can fulfill your products across the whole of Europe. The key success factor for any brand is having a logistics partner they can rely on and we are here to support you.

Global Brand Expansion

Global E-commerce Experts globally expand brands, all under one roof as a turn key solution to take the nonsense, complication and cost out of expansion.


With our experience of expanding 2500 brands, we know what it takes to expand brands, we can give you a tailored plan on how to expand.

Looking to expand Your Brand?

Get in touch with us today to see if we are the right fit for each other and a no obligation valuation.

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