GEE Fulfilment Services

GEE Fulfilment services operate their own e-commerce 3PL warehouses in the UK and Netherlands.

The facilities equate to 160k sq ft of warehouse space that is divided into several areas. Goods in and out, storage in the form of 16k racking spaces, shelving with totes and carton storage.

Both he UK and Netherlands e-commerce fulfilment centres have the capacity and ability to ship B2B, B2C and DTC operations and fulfill thousands of orders and units everyday.

We believe working with a 3PL is a partnership, thorugh our dedicated on boarding team, Customer service representatives and growth managers, you are well looked after from the start.

Our dedicated software on our platform enables you to see everything you need on your business and manage your warehouses, from orders, ASNs and stock locations.

UK and EU e-commerce 3PL Solutions

Ecommerce FBA Fulfilment

Sending your stock into Amazon from our 3PLs conveniently located in the UK and Netherlands to get your stock into FBA quickly and efficiently, whilst correctly.

Ecommerce DTC Fulfilment

We can fulfill your products direct from your webshop across a large number of platforms so your orders get direct to your consumers as fast as possible.

Ecommerce BTC Fulfilment

Selling on marketplaces means you need to be able to ship your products from those direct to consumers across Europe all within the right timeframes.

With over 160k sq ft of prime ecommerce warehouse space, we can store your products ready to be shipped in a safe, dry and clean environment.

Market Leading Software

With your own portal to login to, you will be able to see everything you need to manage your warehouse operations online to control your stock in our warehouses.


Getting products back from customers, grading them and getting them ready to be sold again is vital to the success of your brand, our team do this quickly for you.

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